I'm your Psychology Based Coach, Relationship Psychotherapist and Fellow Imperfect Human. 

Happy dance and smiles all round that you made your way to my online program home. 

I've worked in the mental health space for the last decade supporting individuals to reclaim their wellbeing, understand their symptoms at a deeper level and connect with a truer, authentic version of themselves. I love bringing people together and believe in the power of collective healing. 


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A three part mini immersion to teach you practical and sustainable tools to override anxiety at a psychological, somatic and spiritual level. 
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We listen through the lens of our past 

The Anxiety Antidote

Change your relationship with anxiety through increased understanding and practical tools to recalibrate at a psychological, somatic and spiritual level. 

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Rising Femme

A high-touch six month coaching experience for visionary female leaders, disruptors and change-makers. It’s time to step into your fully-expressed self, build impenetrable self belief and elevate your strategy (disclaimer - without blowing up your life!). 

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Expansion Inner Circle

Where therapy meets coaching! A three month personalised experience designed to help you overcome self doubt, reclaim your true power and connect with your fully expressed self (whatever that may be!).

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