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The Anxiety Antidote

Join me in this three part mini-course to transform your relationship with the anxious parts of you. 

I'll explain anxiety in a way you have unlikely heard before and anchor you into sustainable psychological, somatic and spiritual ways of connecting with your anxious parts. 

Even as a Therapist, I felt so lost when navigating the different tools for managing anxiety. There is so much mixed messaging out there! It wasn't until I dived deep into nervous system regulation and connected with the anxious parts as parts that are not trying to harm me but actually keep me safe did my experience shift. 

I want to share all of these tools and learnings with you to develop your own roadmap for managing anxiety so you can continue to lead a desire, purpose led life. 

What's inside; 

  • A three part video series exploring and unpacking anxiety from a psychological, somatic (body) and spiritual lens. 
  • A guide on how to deal with anxiety at different levels - early intervention, in the moment and panic. 
  • A 12 page workbook to personalise your experience filled with activities and ways to apply the tools discussed. 
  • A subconscious reprogramming audio track to rewire your beliefs around that which creates anxiety in your system. 
  • A suite of practical videos teaching you how to apply a range of vagal toning exercises. 

You'll find ways for increasing your tolerance to things that once made you anxious and be empowered to step into self trust and confidence to chase after that all you desire despite the presence of anxiety along the way. 

Yours to keep forever.

I can't wait to support you in this way. 

See you on the inside. 

BIG Love,