Where therapy meets coaching...

A six month personalised experience designed to help you overcome self doubt, reclaim your true power and connect with your fully expressed self to embody your BIG goals (whatever they may be!).

This is for the woman who is ready for more. 

…. But feels overwhelmed with that next step. 

You’ve got some big, stretchy dreams. You know you’re destined for more than what life is right now. You're so ready to flip the script and embody your vision. 

But no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get out of this rut; you’re feeling unsettled, irritable and just generally “off”. It’s feeling a bit like a roller coaster - two steps forward, three back. Whether it’s anxiety, fear or life throwing you another curveball, something seems to keep getting in the way of things changing and you putting yourself at the top of the priority list.

I'm ready to overcome self doubt & reclaim my true power
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Imagine how it would feel when;

  • You feel confident in yourself and what's important to you.

  • You deeply know yourself. You go after that which matters most confidently and can manifest what you desire.

  • You feel fully empowered in your relationships. You can express and turn to others for your connection needs. 
  • You’ve found your voice and embodied your true boundary badass self.

  • You feel free in your self expression. It's anchored with a deep self trust. 

  • You’ve let go of others perceptions and judgements and lean into your fully expressed self.  

  • You’ve fully claimed your worth, are owning your big bold goals and feeling confident in working towards them. 

  • Letting go of self doubt and anxiety. Trusting that you have your own back no matter what life throws at you.

The next step towards embodying your vision and living the life you know was meant for you starts here ....

Expansion Inner Circle 

The six month experience designed to help you overcome self doubt, reclaim your true power and connect with your fully expressed self (whatever that may be!). You get to choose your investment, join me at the base level or join me as a VIP!

Together we will co-create your focussed goals and expansion road map over the next six months to optimise your life and relationships.

It’s where therapy meets coaching. This is the deep inner work you’ve been craving. The process that will take you from helpless to hopeful. It’s a psychology informed support collaboration that provides the high touch, intentional structure to set you up for success.

Let's Work Together!

Here’s everything you get inside the Inner Circle;

Private Voxer voice messaging channel support - like having a Therapist in your pocket!
Fortnightly group sessions (all recorded) 
A sisterhood community of other bold, inspired women to support you in rising to your potential
90 day intention setting workshop
Bonus sessions with dream team experts (Stylists, Energy Experts, Nutrition + So much more!)


A library of mental wellbeing and mindset resources around all things goal setting, parenting, relationships, communication, anxiety, regulating emotions + more 

$933 / month*

3 x monthly payments*

An exclusive offering for women ready to take the leap into their true self, deeply integrate this learning and create long-lasting transformation grounded in mental wellbeing and self-worth. 


I would LOVE you to join me for this bespoke therapeutic experience.

For six months we will work together super closely (seriously - it's like having a Therapist + Coach in your pocket) to step you towards your dreams and goals. 

There's nowhere to hide. 

Now is the time for you to take up the space you deserve, to overcome the challenges that have been keeping you stuck and embody your most confident, lit up self to date. 


Let me introduce myself...

I’m Monique! Psychology based Therapist + Coach. I’ve been doing this gig for a while now (over a decade) and have accrued a bunch of letters after my name. I've worked with hundreds of women across the world to help them override past conditioning and limiting beliefs to reclaim their highest self and true potential.

At my core, I’m insatiably curious, naturally upbeat and energetic and oozing empathy. I’m a bold action taker and hold my clients to the same standard of showing up. My energy is infectious and my goal is to embed that same belief I have in you within yourself. 

Over the years, I’ve come to learn many truths about what works and doesn’t work in facilitating sustainable change. Working with me truly embodies the both/and. You’ll experience how sophisticated therapeutic coaching creates space for light and dark; joy and discomfort; and most of all epic growth. I’m here for it all.


Well, it's not quite therapy.

It’s not quite coaching. 

It’s therapeutic coaching. This is the intersection where the two meet. There’s processing AND accountability. There’s deep empathy and self exploration AND radical responsibility. 

Be confident in knowing you’re supported by a qualified Therapist. I’m not scared of your trauma, I welcome your shadow parts. Let’s get to the core of your psychological blocks that are stopping you from changing and walk together towards your heart felt desires and dreams. 

Whilst there are always “hype girl” approaches sold to you as quick fixes, they don’t offer the long term shifts that most of us desire. I’m here to fill that gap.

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You’re in the right place if you’re ready to;


  • Step into MORE. Play bigger and own your role as the creator of your life. 

  • Be more connected to yourself, to your spirit, energy and essence. To know yourself.

  • Embrace intentional discomfort in the spirit of embodying your desires and dreams. 

  • Face your shadow head on. Go to the places that feel uncomfortable and and a bit.
  • Feel into freedom and play. Have more fun and prioritise it into you life. 

  • Let go of conditioning and limiting beliefs. Honour the hurt parts of yourself and fully embody your highest potential. 

  • Go ALL IN and invest in yourself and your goals

It’s probably not for you if; 

  • You are not clear on what you are wanting to be different / focus on 

  • You are not willing to put in the work 

  • You are looking for someone to “fix you” 


  • You solely and specifically want to focus on live events that have occurred in the past. If so, clinical therapy is likely the best fit for you. Enquire about that here.
I'm ready to build bold courage and confidence and reclaim my potential. 
I'm in!