I see you!
I've been you!

Feeling like the anxiety has become part of who you are and is even attributed to some of your big achievements in life. But you're also crippled with self doubt, over-thinking and people pleasing energy?

Feeling like you want to get off the rollercoaster and anchor into a more sustainable way of achieving all that you desire?

You are in the right place …..


Join The Anxiety Antidote!

Imagine a future where you are:

Imagine if you could learn to harness the power of your anxiety, befriend it, connect to it and integrate it within you.
I’m here to show you that anxiety; in the way you currently experience it, does not have to be your norm.
I’ve worked with 100’s of women across the world to become more self assured and self leading in reclaiming their lives through practical somatic and psychological sustainable interventions for anxiety (that actually work!).

Does this sound familiar….

  • Constantly feeling not good enough
  • Living in your head
  • Feeling restricted and exhausted by contant future planning - proofing scenario a, b and c before it happens 
  • The need for control putting a strain on your relationships
  • Have a to-do list a mile long and always over-stretched
  • Tend to take on too many things 
  • Find yourself procrastinating 
  • Feel out of control with your thoughts like there’s too many up there to make sense of 
  • You’ve tried all the things to get on top of your anxiety yet it still creeps in most days

The immersion experience for transforming your anxiety, stepping into self leadership and learning to sustainably support your nervous system.

Inside you’ll discover; 

  • What exactly is anxiety - explained in a way you’ve unlikely heard before!
  • The three dimensions of your anxious experience 
  • The tools you are using right now that you think are helping but are actually making you worse 
  • My best intervention tools for psychological anxiety 
  • Proven strategies for physiological anxiety 
  • Preventative nervous system interventions to lead a calmer, more regulated life
  • An introduction to vagal toning - your secret weapon when it comes to improving your stress tolerance!

What’s included; 

  • A three part masterclass immersion with me 
  • A comprehensive 12 page workbook designed to integrate your learnings and personalise the tools 
  • A downloadable hypnosis audio to rewire your subconscious anxious beliefs 
  • A series of videos guiding you through body-based somatic regulation exercises
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Imagine a future where you are;

  • Feeling safe and grounded in your nervous system 
  • Connected to your desires and dreams and (consistently!) chasing them 
  • Badass at boundaries without the activation of people pleasing
  • Feel connected to your true self and values 
  • Equipped with the tools and resources to manage the inevitable peaks of anxiety as they arise 
  • Have a deep experience and sense of self leadership in your life - almost like you are your own best Therapist!

The Anxiety Antidote



I want to change my relationship with anxiety!

I'm Ready
This program literally wraps up everything I have learned from the past decade of supporting people in psychological therapy to overcome anxiety.
So often in sessions, we discuss ideas and tools but they get lost in the context and the pace of discussion. This program pulls all the need to know information about anxiety together in one place with the most comprehensive collection of resources and tools to empower you to become the most self-leading version of yourself.
You’ll have lifetime access to refer back to the information at any point as life’s ups and downs continue to present.
My hope is that you feel supported and held by this throughout your journey, wherever it may take you.

Completing this program will provide you with lifelong tools to sustainably override your anxiety. You’ll change the way you think about the anxious experience and discover super easy 1 to 2% changes you can make to reduce the impact it has on your life. The space this opens for you will free you for more joy, connection and desire led experiences.  

Who it's for / not for:

The Anxiety Antidote is perfect for you if….. 

  • You are ready to sustainably override anxiety and step into self leadership 
  • You’ve tried “all the things” but nothing has quite landed so far 
  • You want to trust yourself more and be led by desire and intuition 
  • You’re ready to let go of people pleasing and self sabotage for good 
Count Me In!

You might be wondering at this point: Who’s facilitating this thing?

Allow me to introduce myself...

I’m Monique! Psychology based Mindset Coach + Therapist. I’ve been doing this gig for a while now (over a decade) and have accrued a bunch of letters after my name. Over the years, I’ve come to learn many truths about what works and doesn’t work in facilitating sustainable change. Whilst there are always “hype girl” approaches sold to you as quick fixes, they don’t offer the long term shifts that most of us desire. I’m here to fill that gap. My courses run deep and shine light on your blind spots and the areas that, at times, can be hard to address. I want to empower you with the knowledge and resources that I use every day in the therapy room to help 100’s of people (just like you!) override their anxiety and befriend the beast.

I truly get what it’s like to wake up riddled with anxiety. I’ve experienced the full spectrum from panic attacks and an eating disorder to more subtle forms of agitation, overfunctioning, people pleasing and procrastination. I’ve used these very techniques, strategies and resources, not just with my clients but on myself. These very things are what has led me back to my true desired state and a life of joy and abundance that is more magical than I could have ever imagined.



Working with me you can expect;

  • A unique and new way of understanding common concepts that you actually retain and find helpful 

  • A cheerleader to take radical action in your life 

  • A fully integrated approach to self leadership and healing 

  • A strict “no-extreme” policy - I’m not into big crazy overhauls. This is all about sustainable 1 to 2% changes that make the difference long term.

I’m so honoured to be here with you and can’t wait to get started on this journey together.

I'm ready to change my future

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