A high-touch six month coaching experience for visionary female leaders, disruptors and change-makers. It’s time to step into your fully-expressed self, build impenetrable self belief and elevate your strategy (disclaimer - without blowing up your life!).

This is the inner work to wealth. The deep, juicy, life and trajectory transforming work. 

Part mindset, Part self discovery, Part strategic implementation.
FULL transformative experience.


You’re a self-starter with big dreams and delicious stretchy goals. You’ve got the high level  future vision in mind, oozing passion and purpose. You are so ready to be all in on this. Your biz, your life, your relationships. 
I know how crazy hard you are working. You want to succeed SO bad. You've got it in you. You are so capable of achieving everything you've ever dreamed of and more. 
You’re expanding, growing, leaping to new heights in all areas. You wake up motivated, with a spring in your step - ready to go! Then suddenly….. It hits. The Expansion Anxiety (™). Before you know it you’re procrastinating, doubting yourself, brainstorming other ideas, scrolling social media for your next big idea yet getting nowhere. 
Expansion Anxiety. 
That thing that happens when you’re growing into the next level version of you; pumped, excited and full of oomph to claim this.


also known as - The sneaky saboteur killer of big dreams. 
Hangs out with procrastination, self doubt, distraction and mindless social media scrolling. 
“I set my big, dreamy, soul aligned goals but then I was hit with expansion anxiety and immobilised in inaction”.

You can only grow your business as much as you have grown within yourself.


The current edge within your business mirrors the edge within yourself.


Rising Femme, The 6 month mastermind experience that supports you to overcome upper limit barriers and tame Expansion Anxiety (™) to build impenetrable self belief, intergenerational wealth and a desire led strategy designed by


The Rising Femme Woman;

  • You’re no stranger to the modern business growth game. You've done the classes, had some coaching and built some solid structure and systems within your business to support you to grow. Yet you want MORE. You deeply know you can achieve a full spectrum or purpose and prosperity. It's right there in front of you. Yet something is stopping you from fully claiming it as yours. 
  • You know another teacher-student container or 5 step process to six figures is not the answer to your expansion. You crave depth in conversation, a space of sophistication, imagination and collective self-inquiry. 
  • You’re committed to being ALL in on this. You’re a disruptor, mission led and willing to put in some BIG energy to make the next up-level happen. 
  • You’re connected to purpose. You have a vision for life beyond superficial accumulation. You know you can build a business that is values based AND one of rich abundance, choice and flexibility. 
  • You know that now is the time to take bold, radical, aligned ACTION. It’s time to build unbelievable self belief and claim your space.

This is for you if you have a blazing desire to;

Be in a room with expanders. A community of high vibe, ambitious women to connect, brainstorm and bounce off. A space to have the high level conversations to help you GROW. 

Be supported by a Coach who can hold the complex, difficult sh*t. One who can hold all parts of you and allow you to freely express what is truly triggering, limiting or coming up for you on your scaling path. A place where you can actually do the root cause work around your challenges and roadblocks.

Be held accountable to take bold, radical, consistent, inspired action. Be held in rising for more. Move the needle forward in BIG ways.

Energetically hold success and wealth for the next level. Feel confident and deserving of calling in consistent multi 5 figure months. Embody the most abundant version of you without needing a monetary goal to define it. 

Dive into the deeper work. Step outside of the typical mastermind step taking into a space that believes in the power of psychological and spiritual transformation as a way to catapult growth. 

Hold a both/and mindset of big picture dreaming and practical strategic tools around income, product development, marketing that can be personalised to you, your goals and unique business! 

Scale and up level across all areas of your life - relationships, mindset, wealth and biz. Create the expansive structures to hold you for MORE.

Over the six months you can expect to;

  • Get to know and love your Expansion Anxiety™ and shift it into an experience to catapult growth. 
  • Move from self doubt to radical self confidence and self belief to claim your space in your industry and fully step into your thought leadership and CEO mindset.  
  • Tune into your limiting beliefs, learn tools to move through them that you are guaranteed to use at each new stage of business growth! 
  • Develop your own unique, desire led strategy to scale and grow your business
  • Transform your money mindset. Recalibrate to new levels of receivership and money manifestation. 
  • Embody your inner self leader. Connect to the most lit up version of you driven by purpose and mission. 
  • Take your life and relationships along for the ride. Scale this thing without blowing up the rest of your life!

I’m a beach loving, coconut margarita drinking, BIG energy Psychotherapist, Mindset + Expansion Coach. I am all about integrating the inner self discovery work with practical business strategy to support mission led change-making women develop and scale the businesses of their dreams (without blowing up their lives!). 

I am here to support you to discover the parts of yourself that have been holding you back, call you to bold, radical action and build next level self belief. 

I left my corporate career in HR and Leadership to travel the world and train as a yoga teacher. This led me to study sociology and psychology and move into working in my own private practice as a Therapist. I built a multi six figure business in twelve months working 1:1 with clients with my two little mini’s in tow. 

But a part of me craved and knew there had to be a more meaningful way to support the people I was working with; A way that was more nourishing, uplifting and empowering for them and fulfilling for me. I was having so many of the same conversations with my high achieving female clients. I first started to do some coaching on the side, still 1:1 but noticed very quickly that just like in therapy, the same limiting beliefs, the same Expansion Anxiety (™) seemed to keep coming up as they navigated new levels of income and impact growth.

Knowing that there is SO much power and value in community, in learning through story, through collaboration, through experience; I was pulled to package all of my expertise in business, mindset, psychology, neuroscience, relationships and energetics into a game-changing group container for women looking to scale their mission and vision led businesses. 

I’ve worked with hundreds of women now to support them to break free from limiting beliefs, build radical self confidence and transform their business, relationships and lives. I want to do the same for you. Let’s actualise your big, wild dreams together through entrepreneurship!


Six months of weekly live coaching calls

Yes you read that right! A session EVERY week.

This is your space to be guided, challenged and celebrated in your expansion; A place to receive personalised coaching and support. We’ll cover everything from mindset and strategy to limiting beliefs, building sustainable relationships and structures, boundaries, energetics, embodiment and so much more. You’ll get to witness others receiving coaching which will shine light on blind spots and activate insights you didn’t know you needed!

Welcome Ceremony

This is your initiation to the mastermind experience. Spend 90 minutes with me and your fellow masterminders anchoring into your intentions and initial 60 day goals.

Three 1 on 1 sessions with Monique

Bi-monthly one on one time with Monique. A deep dive into your business and two calls to create your clear, bespoke roadmap for the next 60 days ahead.

A community of like-minded, ambitious expanders

This experience is so much bigger than the support you receive from me as your Coach. You’ll be surrounded by incredible women who will become your cheerleaders, collaborators and growth propellors.

Daily coaching in the Facebook Community

We got you! Biz is unpredictable at times and you need that support in the here and now! Reach out to us in the private FB group for support and we'll get back to you within 48 hours with some guidance. This is the next level support that will keep you moving towards your goals.

Bonus guest expert sessions

Around leadership, personal branding, human design, energetics, marketing and money mindset.

Specialist library of support resources

Videos, cheat sheets, spreadsheets and more. There's a bunch of resources to support you across the areas of Expansion Anxiety, sales and consumer psychology, growth mindset, self belief, communication, money mindset, relationships and more. 


$888 / month*

6 x monthly payments*



Take a moment to picture where you want to be six months from now. What will be different for you? 

If nothing changes, nothing changes. 

Simply by expressing your interest early, you’ll receive $500 off and be the first to know when doors officially open. 

If you’re ready to step into the next level CEO visionary version of you. If you're ready to grow and expand your business vision, mission and profit - then Rising Femme is for YOU.

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